How To Get Free m416 Glacier Skin | Get Free m416 glacier skin in BGMI & PUBG

How To Get Free m416 Glacier Skin 2023

Hi guys in this article. I will tell you how you get M416 glacier skin in your battleground mobile India. it's very easy process to get your M416 glacier skin in your BGMI. I will share you four methods by this method you get free M416 skin the god skin in your battle ground mobile India.

 More people invest lakhs of money for the skin but this skin is very rare. if you want this skin free so you have to follow my all steps which I tell you. More people are also scam with you for the skin. they tell you we will give you skin in 200 INR or two or four dollars. those people are fake so don't believe and save your money.

if you are a PUBG MOBILE player so you also can follow these steps. I give you in this article you have to follow my old steps. as you know guys more youtubers also open the crates but they did not get dial Jonathan gaming, scout op spent billions of UC. but they did not get m416 gun skin. (The god skin).

There are four methods, you got your skin permanent in your BGMI account.

How To Get FREE M416 Glacier IN BGMI

Step 1: -

Guys, the first step is you have to mail through your Gmail. and tell your problem two battleground mobile India support team. you should show some influencer tags. like share your Instagram profile Facebook profile and YouTube channel if you have. because I sponsor people for promoting skins and outfits so you also can approach them and get your skin free.

where you have to mail, please go to battleground mobile India official website and check the contact us box. you got e-mail ID and you have to e-mail 2 support team and type everything you have like Instagram Facebook you have anything you can share that information too support team they will Sponsor you the skin it's very high chance to get free m416 skin.

after mail you have to active on your social media accounts because they check your e-mail and also check your Instagram and profiles what you send in e-mail. it's totally depended on you if you are influencer so 101% you got your skin it's totally depend on support team so give your best.

Step 2: -

You can open classic crate and you can apply the tap tap trick you have to open the classic crate at india time is 3:00 AM at night. if you open at this time so you 101% get m416 skin.

there are also some tricks you have to click on M4 skin maximum 5 minutes. then open one crate without skip if you skip so there is no chance to get M4 skin.

currently the classic create is not available. so, you can use after it's come.

Step 3: -

you can get with the help of redeem code which I give you in this article after you click on redeem code so you get one redeem code. you can use in official battleground mobile India redeem nation center.

just you have to enter your character ID, redeem code and verification code.

Step 4: -

You have to disconnect your ID for one month. and repeat the process the process first. what I tell you in this article at step first you have to follow again and do it again so you 100% get your skin permanent in your battleground mobile India account.

BGMI m416 Glacier Free Tricks?

There is a lot of option to get m416 in battle ground mobile India. You can use these four steps which I tell you in this article you have to follow all steps step by step then it works perfectly.

as you know guys battleground mobile India is only for Indians. so currently it's banned in India if you want to unban this game so you have to share this article to your every family member and friends. because we are talking with battleground mobile India developers. and they telling us don't worry we will come back again in India so you have to wait sometime. our battleground mobile India is back as soon as possible

M416 Glacier Redeem Code 2023

Yes, I'm sharing redeem code in this article. You guys can redeem in BGMI redeem center this is official. You can use the code there. I am providing a lot of codes for you its help you to grab some items and m416 glacier in Ure battle ground mobile India id. So, guys you have to follow some steps.

  • Click on redeem code
  • Solve puzzle and get Ure code
  • After solving puzzle, you got redeem code.
  • Copy the redeem code.
  • Go to bgmi official website.
  • Go to redeem area and enter details about Ure account.
  • Finally click on redeem and its done.

 How to get free m416 glacier skin in pubg mobile?

Guys, same process which I tell you, in battle ground mobile India its totally same you can also apply in PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL version. But you have to go pubg redeem center for redeem code. To redeem the code. Same codes you can apply in pubg also. Don’t worry redeem code is safe everyone can use with easy process.


In this article, I talk about how you can get M416 glacier in your ID. there is no step is very easy so you have to follow and get your skin. most people called this skin has the name of god skin. because this is very amazing skin you also can upgrade. if you close any enemy in game. 

Do I have anyone got notification by your name and its highlight. this is an advantage and showing off to your friends. as if you like this article, so you have to share with your friends and family members it's helped me a lot. thank you so much for reading we will meet you in next article.

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