How To Download BGMI After Ban | Bgmi 2.4 Download Link Iphone And Android

Battleground mobile India Download without any problem in one click. in this article, I will tell you how you can download battleground mobile India after Ban. this game is similar as pubg global but our Indian government banned for some reasons. then Krafton launch new game BGMI. Battleground mobile India. 

BGMI it's not game for Indians this game is emotion. because more youtubers and bloggers grow with battleground mobile India. so don't worry I will give you direct link in this article. without any virus hope you have a good Internet connection for downloading the game. 

Bgmi Download After Ban, don't worry you can download and play without any problem there is no privacy issue just this game. because this game is from China that's why our government ban this game battleground mobile India developer work on this game and make for only Indians and Indian company. so, it just takes some time. So Bgmi developers provide Link in Internet which I provide you in this article. 

Download (Bgmi) Battleground Mobile India After Ban  

Yes, this is very easy step to download battleground mobile India after ban just follow some steps which I given in this article. those links are virus free everyone can use both Android and IOS players. but remember that don't edit config or HTML on this game. this is very harmful for your game and your device. because some people give you corrupt link and They Take Advantage from Ure device.  

You, also can play in your PC. if you have blue stack, you can download blue stack from Internet and use in your device and select the versions and download battleground mobile India and you can use in your PC but requirement is don't use your main ID in Blue Stacks. because this is very harmful for your account. 

Bgmi download latest version 2023 

Which I provide in this article this all news is latest and latest download link. this is a 2.4 BGMI download update which I provide in this article. guys you know in 2.4 update we have a lot of gun skins mythic items get free in our events. also, big news from gaming community our bgmi come back in this update. this news gets from gaming community. if it's real what is your reaction, please tell me in comment box. 

Yes, in this article I provide all latest version of battleground mobile India after ban so don't worry you can download without any problem this is the latest version 2023. 

BGMI 2.4 Update APK Download 

Firstly, I will tell you about but you get in 2.4 update. In this 2.4 update you get 10,000 silver fragments and 30 UC free without any investment. God skins, gun skins, car skins etc. 

 you get this kind of things in 2.4 update maybe in this update we got our battleground mobile India back. this news gets from JK Afroz and lucky man youtubers. so, make sure we only provide what we get from Internet. 

  1. Free Uc 
  2. Free Outfits 
  3. Free Gun Skins 
  4. Unban Bgmi On this Update 
  5. Battleground mobile India Free Silver fragments. 

whole news gets from the Internet. what is your opinion on this update make sure you tell me in comment works comment box is for you anything you can type and put a question. 

How To Download Bgmi After Ban 2023 

Battleground mobile India is not a game as you know all Indians player play this game with your family and friends. as you know youtubers, also grow with the help of esports. basically, battleground mobile India is a esport game and every esport player play this game and make billions of dollars. 

 because esports market is very big for players in outside India. but in India the small market of esports. that's why our Indian government banned. this game without any reasons just they give reason. they use our personal information and send to China. we cannot say About Indian government. 

How To Download BGMI In Iphone After Ban?

Yes, you can download in your iPhone with the help of Apple ID if your friend has Apple ID so get from your friend. and you easily can install with my link given in this article but make sure that you have Apple ID for login this problem is only for iOS not for Android. 

For the iPhone you have to change your country with Singapore and change also street address from your Apple ID then you get battleground mobile India in your App Store directly don't use any VPN for download. 

How To Download BGMI In Android After Ban?

BGMI download link after Ban for Android, In Android this is very easy to download battleground mobiles India after ban. just click on download button and you got direct link after some steps must follow all the steps and also share with your friends because this is 2.4 update download. 

for Android players this is very easy to download just follow our steps. don't apply any VPN and proxy don't change you're the region our country. country change trick is only for apple device. 

BGMI download telegram link 

Yes, you can download with a telegram I will provide you link in this article this is my telegram channel don't worry about it just join and install your battleground mobile India in one click telegram is the safest platform for everyone every player can use without any requirements. this is a totally free application download and get the game with some easy steps. 

just click on join telegram and click on file it's automatically downloaded in your Android phone then extract in my files an install in your mobile phone very easily. 


In this article, I give all information about battleground mobile India. and also give you some updates like 2.4 update in this update you get more and more mythic items so make sure you don't miss. guys if you like this article.

so, please share with your friends and family members because we are the number one gaming website for distributing the games for free. So, make sure you will do it thank you for reading the article.



Is it possible to download BGMI after ban? 

Yes, it is possible to download BMI after ban in I tell all about process to download battleground mobile India after ban. 

Will BGMI come back? 

Yes, battleground mobile India comeback very soon maybe it's come in 2.4 BGMI update. 

Is BGMI available to download? 

Yes, BGMI is available to download. Android and iOS both players can download and enjoy in your devices without any VPN and proxy I tell all information in this article you have to read and apply in your device so you can enjoy. 

Will BGMI come back in India 2023? 

As per information from gaming community. we get this game in 2.4 update so don't worry.  

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